Drum majors keeping time at Troy

Sarah Blaine 

Staff Writer

For Jordan Guy and Emmy Lawniczak, music never stops. And they don’t want it to.

From being brothers of Kappa Kappa Psi, a National Honorary Service Fraternity for College Band members, to being in Troy University Symphony Band, these two music majors have centered their lives around performing.

Both Guy and Lawniczak also hold the title as drum majors for the Sound of the South, the university’s marching band.

There have only been two drum majors at a time because it is a specialized post.  “It’s heavy work,” said Guy, a senior instrumental music education major from Enterprise and the head drum major.

As drum majors, Guy and Lawniczak, a sophomore music industry major from Jacksonville, North Carolina, and the assistant drum major, have to keep the band in time.

During practice, the two drum majors make sure that everyone is in sync, as well as being the head student leaders who assist the director.

When the Sound of the South has a performance, they conduct the band and get band members to play at the same time.

“I never regret what I’m doing,” Lawniczak said. Even with their hectic schedules, the two drum majors seem to enjoy what the music has brought them.

They said they have learned, from just being part of the band, how to manage time and be focused on what they are doing. They have also learned that being in the band is physically and emotionally strengthening.

“The hours of baking in the sun are worth it after hearing the claps at the end of a performance,” Guy said.

It is a true position of respect, and they have complete trust in each other. Guy and Lawniczak are a dynamic duo, each with a passion for music.

They said with every performance, they see people screaming and clapping, and they know they have accomplished something.

Becoming a drum major is a difficult process, they said.  The person interested in the position has to prepare a résumé and meet the requirements before being considered for the post.

Also, band members who attend the drum major auditions pick the audition music and score the drum majors on how well they performed.

The director makes the ultimate decision on who becomes a drum major.

When asked why they decided to come to Troy University and join the Sound of the South, Guy and Lawniczak gave different answers.

Guy said that Troy University was the right financial choice, but the real reason was Mark Walker, the director of bands, and the respect he has for him.

Lawniczak also chose Troy University because it was cheaper, but there was more to the story. “I was tired of being a nobody,” Lawniczak said.

Lawniczak also said that she initially disliked Troy in her first semester.

Lawniczak said that she was part of the band, but still felt lost. She said she decided to take action and join Kappa Kappa Psi and audition for the drum major position.

For the future, Guy and Lawniczak said they are not sure what they want to do.

After graduation, Guy said that he wants to go to graduate school and teach music.

Lawniczak said she dreams to arrange music and becoming part of Drum Corps International.

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