Editorial: Humor does not excuse poor judgment


The editorial staff of the Tropolitan condemns the recent actions of FarmHouse fraternity at Troy University pertaining to the video posted on the night of Oct. 31.

For an organization that is committed to “building the whole man through four-fold development: intellectually, spiritually, socially/morally and physically,” the brothers of FarmHouse have blatantly disrespected the lives and struggles of students who currently attend or may wish to attend this institution.

The reason that this event is significant for the student body is because it is an attack on one of the core values of Troy: diversity. Our community would not be what it is without the constant contributions of our international students, especially pertaining to Hispanic students.

When such a prominent student group makes a statement that alienates a vital piece of the student body, one glaring truth becomes apparent: The drive to ensure that every student at Troy is provided a quality education is not shared by the FarmHouse fraternity.

Our chancellor has made it his mission to make Troy into a haven where students from across the globe can gain a quality education while American students can be exposed to cultures and ideas that never would be accessible to them elsewhere.

When a student group that is devoted to developing young men into competent citizens continues to reinforce negative narratives against a particular minority, it signifies that such individuals either aren’t aware of the struggles of minority groups, or do not care.

How is it acceptable for someone who is going to be in a position of power to not even comprehend the cultural and social diversity of his own subordinates?

It is no longer a privilege to remain ignorant of the pressing social issues that affect our society and community.

Just as Thomas Jefferson wrote, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,” in the Declaration of Independence, today, we as fellow Trojans should strive to treat each other with equality and respect.

Respecting others includes being open to learning about other cultures and understanding social issues.

While the editors of the Tropolitan recognize that the intent of the video might have been based in humor, such humor does not excuse the parody of the discrimination that Hispanics face in the United States.

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