Editorial: International community is a ‘privilege’ for the students of Troy

The Tropolitan addresses the recent events regarding the harassment of international students.

The editors of the Tropolitan condemn the harassment of any students on Troy University’s campus.

The Tropolitan values the diversity of Troy University’s campus and believes that every student contributes to our community in his or her own way; therefore, every student deserves to be treated with equal respect and dignity.

According to the Oracle, Troy University’s student handbook, “discrimination is defined as any action resulting in illegal differentiation or adverse treatment of an individual based on their age, sex, race, religion, national origin, marital status or veteran status.”

It is discouraging to see acts of harassment targeting the international student population of Troy when it contributes so much to the culture of our campus.

Our classes, events and community would not be what they are today without the presence of students from other nations and cultures. These students are a privilege to interact with and learn from, exposing American students to foreign cultures and ideas that enrich learning.

Learning from other cultures allows for an individual to have a broader understanding of the world and more opportunity. As the world becomes a more global community, success in the international market requires an understanding of other cultures.

Unfortunately, this harassment is not an isolated incident. Multiple international students have expressed their concern over these events, and it has led to students feeling unsafe in the community.

These actions are not in line with the Trojan Creed: “I acknowledge that openness promotes new concepts and ideas. I celebrate our differences justly and respectfully.”

These events are the opposite of what it means to be a Trojan, and the students who have committed such transgressions should consider the weight of their actions as regressive.

The Tropolitan believes students of Troy should strive to make our community welcoming to fellow scholars and students from other countries.

The Tropolitan hopes that the university will respond with appropriate action and properly punish students who have committed such crimes against our fellow Trojans.

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