End-of-the-semester thoughts

Grishma Rimal

Variety Editor

You keep counting down the days to your final exam.

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At this point, your grades aren’t really your main concern. The upcoming break is.

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Nonetheless, a part of you is still worried about finals.

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Those last-minute papers are probably driving you insane.

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You are probably lurking around the library more than usual.

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You may also be lurking around people who take notes in class.

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But honestly, what you are really thinking about is Thanksgiving.

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…or Christmas

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If you are a graduating senior,

you may be ready to go out and travel,

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or just be desperate to find a job,

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or, perhaps, you just want a break after four years of hard work.

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There is always the fear of saying goodbye to some friends,

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but the new, upcoming semester is exciting to think about.

Inglorious Bastards
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However, before all of that, there are finals

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and maybe one more night of some crazy fun.

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But mostly this:

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However, the fact that you are almost done, couldn’t make you happier.

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We are almost there ! 😀


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