Enterprise professor’s art inspired by life and loss

Draven Jackson

Staff Writer

“The Last Picture Show” exhibit will be held in Malone Hall’s gallery, from now until Sep. 23.

“The Last Picture Show” is an exhibit created by Lynn Ledbetter, a photography instructor at Enterprise State Community College from Birmingham.

In the exhibit, Ledbetter has featured art from various projects of hers, such as her “Love Thy Neighbor” show, which are portraits she took of acquaintances and strangers alike and their definitions of what it means to “Love Thy Neighbor,” as well as many pictures featuring members of her family.

This show developed after she came out of a long withdrawal caused by the traumatic death of her daughter over a decade ago. After the recent loss of her mother, Ledbetter found inspiration for “The Last Picture Show” in her family.

“Coming out of grief is a long process and is different for everyone,” Ledbetter said. “After my mother died recently, her spirit was an inspiration, and her words of encouragement in life inspired me and became a catalyst for my coming back into the world, and so I found inspiration in my family.

“As I looked at current pictures of my family on my computer while holding old black and white photos in my hands, a narrative of my family emerged from my grief. I was inspired to be in the world again, and the projects in this show are part of that long process of connecting to people and life.”

Greg Skaggs, associate professor of art and design, said that his exhibitions technique class helped put “The Last Picture Show” together for display.

“The students in the class helped to set the show up, designed the show, set the lights and basically helped to put the show together,” Skaggs said.

“There’s a video included in the show that several students worked to convert from DVD to a program that would allow it to loop, which is just one of the things they have to do to set up a show.”

“The Last Picture Show” is the last professional show that will be held in Malone’s gallery. In the future, all shows by more seasoned artists will be held in the new art and design building, which will be in the old Stewart Hall.

Malone’s gallery will be used for student exhibitions and impromptu exhibitions, and will possibly be used to sell artwork at Christmas.

Laura Hinson, senior fine arts major with a focus in two-dimensional art from Vernon, has worked to help set up “The Last Picture Show,” and will continue to help with exhibits in the new gallery in the future.

She hopes that students who come see the show will leave with a “heightened sense of photographic awareness.

“I hope people can get kind of a better understanding of the medium and how photography can be used to portray emotions,” Hinson said. “With the invention of phones with cameras, people don’t think of photography as an art, but it is.

“The photos in ‘The Last Picture Show’ really show how photography can be used to capture people’s feelings and raw emotions. I hope people see the show and take away that photography is an art and it is still relevant.”

Lynn Ledbetter will be in Malone Hall’s gallery, Room 136, on Sept. 22 at 5:30 p.m., to talk about her exhibition and the art of photography. Her talk will be preceded by a reception at 5 p.m., where cookies and punch will be provided.

The exhibit is open to visitors Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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