enVision seminar helps turn dreams into reality

Students and other members of the Troy community gathered in TC Saturday to discuss personal development and academic and long-term goals with Troy alumna Lt. Col. Felicia Burks (right) at enVision 2019. 

“You (accomplish goals) in bite sizes,” Burks said. “It’s like an elephant. There’s only one way to eat it: one bite at a time. And some of your dreams are really huge, but you can achieve them.”

Sandra Whatley shared that she wanted to attend the event to enrich her life through setting goals for herself.

About 10 years ago, Whatley’s doctor retired, forcing her to visit a new doctor. The new doctor recommended that Whatley have her first mammogram, who found breast cancer. After ten years of remission, she said she wants to make the most of every day of her future retirement.

“Had not these events occurred, I probably wouldn’t have had my first mammogram,” she said. “I am a survivor. I still want to focus on my goals.”

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