Exploitation of women not just the fault of men

Kelsey Vickers
Perspectives Editor

Women have been fighting for equal rights for years.
The women’s movement came about during the ‘70s with women wanting to be paid equally in the workforce and to be regarded as people who did not need help from men.
They didn’t want to be considered strictly sexual objects, but capable human beings who could do more with their lives than cooking and cleaning.
The feminist movement was huge for women and made an impact on people everywhere.
One of the biggest issues regarding women in society is that men are sexually exploiting them, more often than not.
However, I question one thing.
Are women actually exploiting themselves?
We constantly blame and berate men and society for being the causes of women being seen as sexual objects, but it seems to me that a lot of women do it to themselves without realizing it, mistaking it for free expression.
I don’t think it’s appropriate to point fingers in this situation because it’s such a multi-faceted subject, but I do think it is worth the time to examine different perspectives.
The media hasn’t exactly helped much with the image of women.
The media has a tendency to portray women as needing to be the perfect image – thin, beautiful, successful and usually the model type.
Of course, it’s apparent that the image of the “perfect” woman is changing.
I’ve seen more images of “plus size” models in the past couple of years than I ever have.
It’s great that there’s progress being made, but there’s always room for improvement.
There’s also always been an issue of men exploiting women, which is obvious when you look into the sex trafficking world.
Although it’s not only men in the business of sex trafficking, they are fairly predominant in the area.
Nevertheless, I think it’s important to look at ourselves before we examine the media and the personal interests of men.
It’s true that women should be able to express themselves freely, but there’s a fine line between expressing and exploiting yourself.
I think a part of the problem is that there are far too many women out there who don’t value their personal worth and therefore choose to exploit themselves, whether it is with the way they dress or the way they interact with the opposite sex.
A lot of women these days are using their sexual prowess to get places in life.
While I’m not necessarily against putting your sexuality out there, I do think that it becomes a problem when you rely on your sexuality to get what – or who – you want.
I’m all for having the freedom to express yourself however you choose, but I think it’s important to keep in mind that how you present yourself to the public really says a lot more about you than you may realize.
It probably sounds a lot like caring too much about what people think about you, but I assure you – that’s not what I’m saying.
Women who think they need to exploit themselves to gain attention or approval need to know that they’re capable of so much more.
Be yourself, and remember that how you present yourself to the public says a lot about you.
If you choose to exploit yourself in a negative manner, that’s your decision.
But know that you’re capable of much, much more.
We shouldn’t let men or anyone for that matter make the decision about who we are, but it’s up to us to make how we portray ourselves a positive perception.

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