Fanatix gaming store opens a new location in Troy

Sinclair Portis
Staff Writer

A new business has opened in the city of Troy called Fanatix, a gaming store equipped with many popular board, card and video games as well as comics.
The store at 1122 S. Brundidge St. opened Sept. 13. It is a branch of the original Fanatix store that opened in Dothan; Fanatix also has a store in Enterprise.
According to store owner and manager Hiram Faircloth, a graduate student in the clinical mental health counseling program from St. Clair Shores, Michigan, the Troy location is off to a great start.
The store has a console gaming room with a Wii U and a Nintendo 64 where customers can play a variety of games such as Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart.
“What we want to do is provide a pro-social space in Troy for people who have this as an interest,” Faircloth said.
Fanatix plans to hold a variety of events, including Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokémon and several board game nights.
“I would really like to see the community of people that are interested in comics and interested in role-playing games and board games grow because I think there is a lot of opportunity in terms of reconnecting,” Faircloth said.
Faircloth also said that many of the store’s games have educational purposes, including reading and mathematics.
“I would like to help build the community and help to provide another safe space for people to come and enjoy themselves,” said Faircloth.
According to Faircloth, the store is looking to continue its collaboration with the Troy University Anime and Manga Enthusiasts group as it has in the past with the Dothan Fanatix. The store is also open to collaborating with any other organizations on campus.
Josie Thrasher, a Troy University graduate in mathematics education from Roanoke, expressed her excitement concerning the Fanatix expansion to Troy.
“Since the first day I walked into the store, I felt comfortable and at home,” said Thrasher. “I really like it; it feels open.”
Thrasher explained that during her time at Troy University, if one wanted to meet up and play, the only places to go were the Trojan Center or the Barnes and Noble bookstore.
“Fanatix gives you another place to go that is more local and more centered around gaming and pop culture,” Thrasher said.
“There’s something for everybody here. From board games and card games to video games … there is something for everyone.”

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