Fantasy Sports Betting: A Hobby that Pays Off

by Tanner Colvin

In the past two weeks, I have dipped my toes into the world of daily fantasy sports betting – something made legal in Alabama in June 2019. I have never been interested in throwing money away and as a broke college student, it’s not smart to gamble. But I am loving it. 

I am currently positive and have made a profit from my new hobby. I have also made back my original deposit in just two weeks. 

When I say, “made a profit,” I don’t mean I will be paying for this semester’s tuition with my fantasy sports bets. However, I could enjoy a nice meal at Trojan’s Mexican Grill. For me, I’m happy and content with the outcome. I made a rule for myself that I wasn’t going to make bets that were too costly. I simply just take money that would either go to personal enjoyment or fast food and see if I can make more money out of it.

Fantasy betting has been fun, thrilling and has forced me to watch more sports. I found myself watching a Houston Rockets and Detroit Pistons game the other day because I had money on the players. These are two of the worst teams in the NBA playing in a regular season game, but I watched like it was a championship. I cheered, screamed and almost cried.

I can’t think of another time in my life when I watched two teams I had zero feelings for play and felt so much emotion. The rush and thrill I get from watching players affecting whether or not I win or lose money is one I have never felt before. My whole life I have been around sports, whether it be playing or watching. 

This feeling is more euphoric than playing actual sports. If your bet wins you feel good, happy, and are looking forward to what’s next. When your bet loses, you contemplate never betting again and try and figure out how you will financially recover from losing $5. 

Even now as I am writing this, my mind is thinking of the bets I should place tonight. I really enjoy watching sports, but now I get more out of it. I have never watched a hockey game in my life, but last week I was rooting for a player I didn’t even know existed hours before. 

The games are more entertaining and fun to watch because of betting and I think that’s why a part of me has always wanted to try fantasy sports betting. This can be an outlet for someone to feel what it’s like to care about sports again. 

Even though I started betting two weeks ago, I find myself not wanting to do it as often anymore. Now I’m coming up with days of when I should bet. I think the honeymoon phase is over in my new hobby. This tells me I don’t have a problem with gambling and I’m not going to spend all my life savings. 

I do not advise everyone to gamble. I would be in the wrong to say it’s a good idea because of the dangers it can lead to. Families are ruined by gambling addictions, people can lose jobs, life savings, etc. But I think if it’s something you’re interested in, you should do your research and make sure you are spending money you can afford to lose. 

Remember that not all bets are going to hit. 

This opinion piece represents the view and experiences of the author and is not wholly representative of the Tropolitan staff. 

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