Farrill’s farewell

Karli Mauldin
Assistant News Editor

Student Government Association President Cody Farrill presided over his final meeting on Tuesday and has high hopes for his future after Troy University.

Farrill, a senior political science major from Panama City, Fla., said he covered everything in the five-point platform he set out to complete at the beginning of his term last semester.
“It was definitely a team effort,” Farrill said, in response to his five-point platform which included civic engagement, the Trojan Affinity Program, Trojan pride, plans for a new recreation center and encouragement for students to have a greater voice at the university.

“This university has great leaders and administrators,” Farrill said.  “But they don’t know the problems students have if they don’t go to administrators. Students complain so much, but they don’t go to the right people. You can’t just tweet about it, you actually have to take your problem to the administrators.”
Farrill commended the students who have come forward over the last year to address issues they have had at Troy University. Farrill said that they have been courageous when they have come forward.
“They have the Trojan spirit and they are not afraid of standing up and talking about a problem they might have,” Farrill said.

Farrill said he believes the biggest legacy he is leaving behind is the Trojan Affinity Program.
“It started out small, but it will get bigger,” Farrill said. “The city of Troy is becoming a lot more entertainment friendly, with movements such as the approval of draft beer and other items. The university and the town have become a lot more student-centered.”
He plans to come back to the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new recreation center and cannot wait to see that goal be reached.
Farrill wants to continue to lobby for parking as an alumnus. He says he wants to be able to have a place to park on campus where he doesn’t get ticketed and can enjoy games and the university.
Farrill said he is grateful for administrators at Troy such as Dean Reeves, John Dew and Donna Schubert, for working with him throughout his presidency.

“Our chancellor and his office do so much for this school, and it does not get enough credit for it,” Farrill said.

Following Farrill’s graduation on May 9, he plans to attend Florida State University in August, with a scholarship he has received to study urban and regional planning with a focus in environmental policy.

In August 2015, Farrill will begin his law degree at Florida State focusing on environmental and coastal law.

“I am so thankful that I got to work at this great university. It was a very humbling experience,” Farrill said.

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