Fellow student remembered

Emma Daniel

News Editor

After a French student named Zoé Barc passed away, a memorial service was held to allow her friends and family to gather and celebrate her life and memory.  

About 60 people gathered in HAL Hall for the service on Tuesday, May 8.  

ISCO also presented her family with a certificate showing that Zoé would be receiving a brick to be laid on campus in her memory.  

Amna Jouini Santos, a senior criminal justice major from Tunisia and one of Zoé’s best friends, was one of those hit hardest by her death.  

“She made us happy,” Santos said. “Even if she was sad, she would come back to the very happy Zoé.” 

Santos mentioned many qualities that made Zoé a wonderful person, but Santos said honesty was Zoé’s best quality.  

“She was very honest and direct,” Santos said. “That’s what made me love her. I believe her. She stands up for right.” 

Zoé enjoyed painting and cooking for her friends, could play the piano and “loved sushi,” Santos said in remembrance of Zoé.  

“We came to learn, but we learned from her,” Santos said.  

Caroline Hughes, a senior English major from Decatur and president of ISCO, was Zoé’s Resident Assistant in Pace Hall.  

Hughes spoke on Zoé’s character, explaining how nice of a person she would be remembered as. 

“She was one of those genuinely sweet people,” Hughes said. “I know she affected a lot of people at Troy for the better.” 

“She had a beautiful and pure soul,” said Pedro Ferreira, a sophomore music major from Portugal. “She’s going to be missed. She marked a lot of people.” 

Chase Wingard, a senior music industry major from Cape Coral, Florida, also spoke to Zoé’s character.  

“She’s one of the few people that come slow to anger, very understanding,” he said. “If life is a flame, she’s one of the brighter ones.” 

Students will remember Zoé as a student who loved others and created many relationships with fellow classmates. 

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