Final SGA meeting of the year

Devin Smith
Staff Writer
Tashema Alexander
Staff Writer

On Tuesday the Student Government Association held their final meeting of the school year but were still able to handle a few important issues.
The SGA is gaining ground toward getting a new recreational center built on campus, but no timetable on when that will be finalized has been set.
A motion was passed to get a live webcam on the main quad, which will give students and alumni alike the chance to view Troy University whenever they wish.
Dates have been set for class registration for both the summer and fall semesters, with the summer registration on April 9, and early registration for the fall will begin on April 16.
There was also new information on the progress of the updated parking set to take effect in the fall by SGA President Cody Farrill, a senior political science major from Panama City Beach, Fla.
“I can tell you that we’re almost done with the map,” Farrill said. “We will be able to release it in the next week.”
The meeting marked the final appearance of several senators and executives including Farrill, who has served the SGA for the past four years.
Although it was a bittersweet ending for Farrill, he is excited for the future he helped to build during his time at Troy.
He did leave the meeting with one final piece of advice for current and future students who believe that there are improvements still to be made at Troy.
“It’s very important for people to understand that in order for things to continually change on campus they have to step up to university administration and let them understand what our problems as students are on campus and that they will never change unless we bring them up,” Farrill said.
The SGA will also be holding an Easter Egg Hunt on April 16. They encourage all students, faculty, and staff to attend.

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