First home game could not have gone better

Whitney Cale

Staff Writer

“We will always cheer for victory, and you’ll never let us fall!”

Don’t lie, you know you sang it. If you’ve ever been to a Troy University football game, then you know that the fight song is played with every Trojan touchdown. If you attended Troy’s first home football game of the 2015 season, then you heard this song on the very first drive of the game.

My first Troy football game experience as a freshman could not have gone better. Witnessing my team demolish its opponent 44-16 was absolutely exhilarating. The energy of the players on the field coupled with the energy of the fans off the field made it a night to remember.  Other freshmen felt the same way about their first Troy football experience.

“My first Troy football experience was really awesome,” said Savannah McMillen, an undeclared freshman from Mobile. “There were a ton of people and the energy of the fans was incredible.”

There were a ton of people. Seats began to fill up more than an hour and a half prior to kickoff. Attending my very first home football game as a freshman, where do you think I sat? That’s right, the student section. We take pride in being Trojans, and we expressed that Saturday night as we rooted our team on for victory.

“The Trojan fans cheered as the team scored their first win of the season, and I realized at this moment, there’s nothing I would rather be than a Troy Trojan,” said Kayla Waite, freshman biomedical sciences major from Bay Minette.

Another one of the unforgettable moments of my first Troy football experience was hearing the wonderful Sound of the South. Not only was the music remarkable, but the band’s energy and effort were nothing short of amazing.  Nothing adds to an excellent football game quite like an excellent halftime show.

“The Sound of the South was magnificent, and they kept the morale alive,” Waite said.

My first Troy University football game was all-around one for the books. But as unforgettable as my first Troy football experience was, I think my second experience will be even greater as the Trojans host their rivals, the South Alabama Jaguars, on Oct. 3. I believe this game has the potential to be Troy’s best football game of the year.

I will be there. Will you? “Go Troy! Go Troy, go!”

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