Five reasons to do something crazy to your hair


By Faith Karwacki

Perspectives Editor


5. You’re young/in college

These are the years in which we experiment with who we are and discover ourselves as individuals. Nothing says “new beginnings” quite like moving to a different area, making different friends and doing something adventurous with your personal style. It can be anything from testing out bangs to trying a full-blown Mohawk.

4. It’s a great conversation starter

My freshman and sophomore years in college, I was plagued with crippling shyness. When I decided to start dyeing my hair again, all sorts of people would approach me just to strike up conversations about my choice in hair color. Many of these conversations were the beginnings of some wonderful friendships.

3. It serves as an outlet for artistic expression

When I started dyeing my hair, I found experimenting with different cuts and color combinations to be incredibly cathartic. My hair would change on a bi-monthly basis, and a lot of the color changes were a result of something as simple as expressing a mood I was in. I even dyed my hair fire-engine red after a breakup.

2. It grows back

It really does, I promise. I think most of us have had a hair-related experience that left us hiding behind a baseball cap for two months. Bad haircuts happen, but it’s best to discover what cuts work best for your features now than to experiment in a professional setting.

1. It will help you become more assertive

This is probably the most important reason, in my opinion. Experimenting with your personal style – especially dyeing and cutting your hair however you please – is an incredibly liberating experience. That feeling of owning who you are as a person will help lift you to a place in which you feel comfortable making decisions that impact your personal life.

If this article helped encourage you to finally try something you’ve wanted to try with your style for a while, great! Own whichever look you decide to adopt, and continue rocking it as long as humanly possible.


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