Fixing mistakes changed my life

Georgia Blanchard

Chief Copy Editor

When I first came to the Trop as a copy editor two years ago, I had no idea it would change my entire career plan. As an English major, I was used to editing my own papers — when I started editing newspaper articles, though, I found what I really loved to do. 

In spring 2017, my friend Austin MacCraw, a copy editor at the time, brought me to the Trop to see if I liked it and would want to help copy edit. I was hesitant at first and nervous about meeting so many new people, but I went with him and discovered how much I love editing and the atmosphere of a newsroom. 

Most people don’t relish the idea of meticulously going through documents and fixing all the mistakes, which is understandable. It’s not the most interesting job in the world, but it’s made me a better writer and helped me appreciate all the hard work that goes into newspapers before they go to print.

In addition to copy editing, I’ve been able to write several articles for different sections. They’ve taken me a variety of places, from art exhibits to concerts to panel discussions about study abroad opportunities. I probably wouldn’t have even known about these events if I weren’t with the Trop — much less have gone to them — but I’m glad I did. 

The Trop has allowed me to get even more involved in campus activities than I already was, and the friendship that comes with working with people on a weekly basis is something I will always value. Working on the Trop has introduced me to many new people and situations, and after two years it still feels more like a fun activity than a job. 

I met my best friend Draven Jackson (who also happens to be the Arts and Entertainment editor) through the Trop, and I am forever grateful that we were able to bond through the shared difficulties of tight deadlines and constantly changing headlines. 

As my time at Troy comes to an end, I want to thank the Trop for teaching me AP Style, helping me make new friends and preparing me for whatever real-world writing I may have to do in the future. To everybody on staff at the Trop — thank you; you’ve helped me more than you could ever know. 

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