Food for thought: meal plans

Grishma Rimal
Variety Editor


Meal plan cost per semester: $1744

•    As you do not spend time cooking, it gives you more time to study, sleep and sleep more.
•    You can avoid the hassle of doing dishes.
•    You can easily spend time with friends who also have meal plans.
•    You can minimize frivolous spending on meals off campus.
•    The central location of the Trojan Center within the campus means less driving.
•    Moe’s.
•    When you crave a Twix bar and some Ben & Jerry’s at 11 PM, Herb’s Place can be a blessing.
•    The odd operating hours of the dining hall and the food court services may leave you hungry sometimes.
•    You may get tired of the limited options and the repetition of food at the dining hall.
•    If you are the kind who prefers cooking to pre-paid meals, a meal plan might be a costlier option.
•    Constantly resorting to campus fast-food may get you that Freshman 15 you want to avoid.
•    Running out of flex points before the end of the semester is a constant fear.

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