Former student leaders elected Board of Trustees officers

Emma Daniel

News Editor

Gibson Vance was working in admissions as an ambassador, and Lamar Higgins was the first African-American SGA president at Troy State University— they both laughed at the old Troy State logo still in the Trojan Ballrooms.

Vance and Higgins have been elected the president pro tempore and the vice president pro tempore of the Board of Trustees, respectively. 

Vance has been a member since 2012, and Higgins has been on the board since 1996.

“The chairperson of the board is the governor, but when the governor is not in attendance in board meetings, the president pro tempore presides over the board meetings and selects the chairpersons for all the committees the board has throughout the year,” Vance said. 

The board assigns committees that relate to many aspects of day-to-day university life, like the classes the university offers, new building projects, tuition changes and athletic affairs.

“We have great trustees that care deeply about the university and the students,” Vance said. “Every decision we make is based on what we think is best for the students.”

As the vice president pro tempore, Higgins will preside in the absence of the president and complete whatever duties the president assigns. 

“I’ll be working closely with the president pro tem and the chancellor as they chart the course for the future of the university,” Higgins said. “I’m thankful to have been elected by the student body at Troy State University to lead them in the SGA, and now to be elected to a leadership role in the board is just an honor very few people get.

“Troy’s been very good to me, and I feel like I owe something to the university, to the students, to make sure that I leave Troy University better than what I found it.”

Vance and Higgins were elected at a board meeting on Aug. 1.

 “Strong Board of Trustees leadership is a hallmark of Troy University,” said Troy Univeristy Chancellor Dr, Jack Hawkins Jr. 

Vance and Higgins are preceded by Sen. Gerald Dial and John Harrison, who completed their eight-year terms in office and will remain on the Board of Trustees.

“I am certain Mr. Gibson Vance and Mr. Lamar P. Higgins will continue this tradition of excellent service,” Hawkins said. “Both are Troy alumni who love this university and are dedicated to seeing it continue to grow and flourish.”

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