Former Troy football coach awaits court date

Michael Shipma

Sports Editor

Jamaal Smith is “suspended without pay pending the outcome of legal proceedings.”

According to an email sent by Andy Ellis, coordinator of University Relations, this is the current status of Smith, the former Director of Player Development for the football program.

Troy police arrested Smith, 32, on Friday, June 19 after Smith was pulled over for driving under the influence.

“Smith was escorted back to his cell after completing an exit test for a DUI arrest,” Troy police records show.

Records also show that during the exit test at the city jail, Smith was arrested when a small bag with a green leafy substance that tested positive for marijuana was found on his person.

Upon this discovery, Smith was transported to the Pike County jail on a felony drug possession charge.

Smith attended a preliminary hearing on Tuesday, July 21, where Pike County Judge William G. Hightower oversaw his case. Troy Police records show that Smith was bound over to await action from the grand jury.

Judge Hightower determined that there was enough evidence for Smith to go to trial, which will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 28.

On this date, Judge Hightower will determine whether or not to indict Smith on the felony charge.

However, the district attorney’s office filed a motion to “nolle prosequi,” which means that the DA’s office has moved Smith into the deferred prosecution program. If Smith meets all the conditions of the program, his case will be dismissed.

Despite the fact that a felony conviction would be the norm for a case such as this, there is a possibility that Smith’s felony charge could be dropped.

Smith’s position in the football program is currently vacant, according to the Troy athletics website.

Smith attended Troy from 2001-2005, graduating with a degree of risk management and insurance. Smith also played wide receiver for the Trojans’ football team during his time at Troy.

After two years away from football, Smith returned to Troy as a graduate assistant in 2007 and has been with the program since.

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