Fortnite most popular major among freshmen

Pradyot Sharma

Opinion Editor

Wesley Kirchharr

Sports Editor

The class of 2022 has seen a surge in numbers after the University declared it will be offering a comprehensive degree in the popular video game Fortnite.

The entire class will be virtual, and the professors are understood to teach from home basements around the world.

The administration made this decision after observing the countless hours that students spent playing the game.

A university official defending the decision said, “We recommend two hours of study for every hour of class, but students put in 10 hours a day playing Fortnite even with zero hours of classroom time.”

The battlebus will provide exclusive transportation for students enrolled in this major and can be tracked on the TransLoc app.

Meanwhile, the university bookstore has been stocking up on skins and emotes, which are understood to be a requirement for classes.

There have nevertheless been logistical issues as students have been trying to pay tuition with V-bucks, the virtual currency used in the game.

The university has not commented on when payment in V-bucks will be accepted, but sources say it is waiting for bitcoin to be approved first.

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