Four caught with fake IDs

Destiny Hosmer and Kat Rogers
Staff Writers

Multiple cases of fake IDs used for alcohol purchase have been reported to the police and university administration this semester.

“Since the beginning of the fall semester, we have had about four cases that have resulted in a police report and referral for student disciplinary action,” said Herbert Reeves, dean of student services.

There are several consequences associated with using fake identification at liquor stores, including arrests and fines.

When a local merchant in Troy discovers a fake ID, the procedure is an immediate phone call to the police, who will first file a report, then issue a warrant for arrest.

“It isn’t just a small fine — the cost could average $1,500, not including an attorney,” said the owner of a local liquor store who wished not to be named. “Just because your parents might know that you have one (a fake ID), doesn’t mean they can prevent you from getting into trouble.”

Troy students caught with a fake ID may face consequences from the university in addition to police involvement.

“(Students found using fake IDs) are referred to our office for appropriate action,” Reeves said. “Depending on the circumstances in which the ID was used, it could result in probation up to suspension from the university.”

Local merchants are implementing scanners to expose fake IDs, as well as learning other ways to determine the legitimacy of IDs even before they are scanned.

There are consequences associated with the use of fake IDs on the alcohol merchants’ behalf as well as the perpetrators.

“The liability costs that kids expose businesses to is bad,” the liquor store owner said. “If a kid buys alcohol with a fake ID, gets hurt, and his parents decide to sue, we may not be hit with that lawsuit until up to three years later after we are unable to identify the customer.”

Fake IDs are allegedly obtained from both personal connections and online resources, according to a local merchant and Reeves.

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