Fraternities deal with COVID-19

All fraternity activities have been suspended until after Labor Day, and the Delta Chi fraternity house was temporarily closed last week for sanitation after fraternity members tested positive for COVID-19—including at least 14 Delta Chi members – according to a university statement.

Recruitment had already been postponed, but Troy suspended all other activities last Tuesday after even more positive cases were reported. 

All members of Delta Chi who have been exposed or have tested positive are required to quarantine at designated facilities on campus or return home, according to the university. 

Cases have also been reported by members of Farmhouse, Sigma Chi and Lambda Chi, according to the university’s website that reports positive cases.

Fraternities have been allowed to give new recruits “early bids.” New recruits will not be allowed to organize officially until after formal recruitment ends next week, according to Dendy Moseley, Associate Dean of Students. 

The university’s statement said the school will continue to take necessary action to keep the campus community healthy and safe, and the school encourages social distancing, masking and hand hygiene as ways to protect oneself. 

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