French club re-established under new leadership

Lirona Joshi

Staff Writer

With an aim for presenting French not just as a language but a cultural experience, the French Club at Troy University has been re-established under the presidency of Indiana Poret, a senior social science major from Nice, France.

The club, which was previously supervised by retired Professor James Sherry, has revised its constitution.

Under the guidance of Walter Givhan, senior vice chancellor for advancement and economic development, the club will look to provide an augmented experience outside the classroom for students learning or interested in the French language.

“We talk about being Alabama’s international university here at Troy, and that’s a big part of your vision for the university — to produce students who are globally aware, globally competitive and globally engaged,” said Givhan.

“There are many dimensions to being a global university. A part of it is the international students’ presence here, and a part of it is going for study abroad. Part of it is enriching students that take classes here.”

The French club hopes to play a role in providing students interested in French language or culture with a chance to have an interactive learning experience outside the formal academic environment.

In an effort to make the club more than just a group of students sitting in a room discussing a country, the club has reinvented its approach toward reaching out to students after spring 2017.

It hosted a crepe night on Oct. 4, when students had a chance to try crepes, a French pastry akin to pancakes. Approximately 30 students attended the event, according to Poret.

“Many of the students come to me and would say, ‘Hey, I love French, and I would love to learn about France,’ ” Poret said. “That’s why we want to do more interdisciplinary activities like cookouts and movie nights where people can come learn about the culture while having fun.”

According to Poret, the club is looking to work with Michele Welty, who is adjunct faculty in Troy’s international programs department, to serve as a complementary experience package for the students taking the French language course.

Students taking the language course will get to interact with French nationals attending Troy University and get a perspective on the background of the language.

“French is more than a language,” said Agnes Ribet, a junior social science major from Avon, France, and member of the French club.

“The foods, the languages and the movies are just a simple reflection of a complex culture and a way of thinking and living.”

“The foods, the languages and the movies are just a simple reflection of a complex culture and a way of thinking and living.

“And in interacting with the students native to France, hopefully we will be able to give them a genuine impression of the society that we come from.”

The club will meet at either Hawkins Hall or Pace Hall on Wednesdays at 7 p.m.

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