Frequency and Concert Chorale auditions

Zachary Winslett
Arts and Entertainment Editor

Two Troy University vocal ensembles, Frequency and the Concert Choir, will be looking to tune up their select group of students with auditions.
Frequency, a jazz vocal ensemble, will be holding auditions April 3 from 1-2:30 p.m.
The Concert Choir will be holding auditions April 7-8.
Audition packets for both auditions are available in Long Hall 115, and additional information can be obtained by emailing with questions.
The Concert Chorale’s website,, has information and pictures of the group. For a live demonstration, students can attend the Concert Chorale’s concert on April 1 at 7:30 p.m. at Bush Memorial Baptist Church.
Those wondering what makes Frequency special can find information at According to its website, the group requires a “higher level of group synergy” because it performs without a conductor.
Anna Orlofsky, a sophomore Spanish major from Troy, is already a member of the Concert Chorale, but she is trying out for Frequency this semester.
“Frequency is different from any other musical group at Troy,” Orlofsky said. “It focuses on a capella and vocal jazz music, and the level of talent of the group is incredible. Joining their ranks would be an honor.”
As a part of the Concert Chorale, Orlofsky is seasoned in performance and the choir system at Troy University, but that doesn’t mean she is shirking the preparation stage.
“My strategy has been to play the notes over and over until they become a part of me and to trust in my voice and my preparation,” she said.
“It’s really cliche, but practice makes perfect. There is no substitute for preparation.”

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