Freshman learn the ropes of college at Impact 2014

Tori Roper
Staff Writer
Impact: the start of the freshman freakout and the parent withdrawals.
From the serious lectures by professors like Dr. John Kline, to the fun and games of Camp Butter and Egg, the sessions were a time for freshman to learn the ropes of college.
Cody Ash, Admissions Recruiter and Impact organizer, is very pleased with the result of this summer’s Impact.
“They came in with great attitudes, wanting to be involved,” he said of the class of 2018.
Ash also gives a lot of credit to the Impact leaders for how fluidly the summer went.
Jorge Solis, a junior political science major from Pell City, Alabama, said, “The best aspect of working at Impact is having the opportunity to influence decisions and giving students the opportunity to succeed.”
Solis’s advice to the freshman was “Work hard and stay focused.”
Katie Roe, a freshman nursing major from Pell City, Alabama, expressed that she was nervous about meeting her peers before coming to Impact.
“College is where lifelong friendships are made, and it was strange to think the people I met at Impact could be a part of my life forever!” she said.
Luckily, though, Impact calmed many of her fears and she met many of her new sorority sisters while at Impact.
Roe and Julia Orcutt, a freshman physical education major from Helena, Alabama, both agree that Camp Butter and Egg was the best part of Impact.
As exciting as Impact was for the first year students, it was also a heartfelt time for the parents. With sessions like “How to Parent a College Student” to information about housing and meal plans, the parents come out much more informed about Troy and the future for their students.
Overall, the Impact experience is one that most Troy University students will never forget.

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