Freshman, senior experiences

Mary Ferrell
Staff Writer

As the fall semester dwindles, freshmen are growing into their new home while seniors are preparing to leave.
Though freshmen and seniors have different experiences, both have the same desire: to see Trojans embrace the Troy spirit.
Kayla Pickett, a freshman sociology major from Enterprise, first thought that Troy was a “very pretty and friendly campus.”
In her time so far at Troy, Pickett would like to see more student involvement and more information on how to be involved.
As part of the Sound of the South, Pickett is eager about increasing school spirit and uniting the student body. She has high hopes that she will see this in the next four years.
Cinnamon Wilson, a senior nursing major, said that her Trojan experience has been different because she is from Troy.
“I didn’t really want to come here, but once I got here, I loved it,” she said.
Wilson chose Troy University because she felt the nursing program was superior to other schools’, and she agrees with Pickett that it was the “pretty and friendly” campus that made Troy University her home.
Wilson has seen Troy grow before her own eyes in the four years she has been a student here; she has seen the campus as well as the student body expand.
While the student body has expanded, Wilson said that she has seen a decrease in student involvement, and she wonders why. Like Pickett, she would like to see Trojans take pride in their school and make the most out of their time here.
Wilson would also like to see Troy staying different from other schools and students supporting Troy over other universities. As a part of the Sound of the South, Wilson takes great pride in the Trojans and wishes she saw more support on campus, as she once did.
“The best example of school
spirit would have to be the Mississippi State Game 2 years ago when we played them at home,” Wilson said. “Even though we lost, the football team fought so hard against them. If I’m not mistaken, it was the biggest crowd the stadium had ever seen. The crowd stayed all four quarters and never stopped
“Even after the game, we were all just so proud of the team and their efforts against MSU. It was all just so great.”
Pickett, a piccolo player for the Sound of the South, says that it is discouraging to see students leave football games early. She wishes to see school spirit like Wilson did two years
ago and is hopeful that one day there will be a student body that supports athletics during seasons both good and bad.
Since seniors have already left their mark on the university, both the senior and the freshman feel it is up to the younger Trojans to carry on the legacy and enhance the campus with Trojan spirit.

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