From the Editor: We will continue to be your voice

Pradyot Sharma


Tuesday morning, Troy University announced suspension of all on campus classes for the remainder of the spring semester and the summer semester.

COVID-19 has impacted the lives of billions around the world with the United States issuing strict guidelines to help flatten the curve of contagion while numerous other nations have imposed mandatory quarantines.

As the student newspaper covering a diverse university, we know that our readers and stakeholders are affected not just by university decisions, but also by decisions made at the national level and internationally. A lack of information during these volatile times can drastically affect people. On that regard, we aim to do our part for the Troy family.

While students may not be present on campus, the Tropolitan will continue to provide coverage relevant to the Troy community during this challenging time.

While we won’t have any print issues, look out for coverage at to be updated with official news from the school, along with what that means for you, our readers.

Latest updates from Troy regarding the coronavirus can be found at

Our primary coverage focus will be the coronavirus pandemic. We will be in contact with members of the administration to follow up on decisions made by the university and ensure that this information is properly communicated to all concerned. We plan to provide coverage on how this transition is affecting students and faculty and provide comprehensive details on what services are available to students.

Beyond news coverage on the pandemic, we also want to put out stories that show the strength and resolve of the Troy community to overcome this challenge together –  be it charitable acts, students/faculty taking extra effort to help in these times, or anything else that can highlight the Troy community’s efforts during this time.

I ask that you help us in this regard. If you have a story or know of someone whose story you believe should be shared with the community – whether to highlight something positive they are doing, or to ask the community to help during these times, please contact us at or message us on social media.

We will also be covering everyday activities and news stories beyond the pandemic. In the midst of this challenge, we hope to bring about a sense of normalcy with that.

Ultimately, we are your voice and during this critical time where you may not be seen, we want to make sure that you are heard.

Feel free to contact me with any idea’s suggestions or concerns at

I want to echo Troy University Chancellor Dr. Jack Hawkins’ message that we can overcome this challenge together and that we as a university will emerge from this stronger than ever.

I urge you to stay safe and follow guidance to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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