From Troy to the Big Screen

by Kris Harrell

Troy alumnus Sean Freeman is finding success in the film industry with his starring role in the movie “Boxed In,” now streaming on Peacock, and coming soon to Netflix, and Hulu. 

Freeman obtained a bachelor’s degree in human services and a master’s degree in strategic communication during his time at Troy University. Now, Freeman proudly lists Troy University on his IMDB biography.

“I list it with pride, even if it’s not necessary, because I just want people to know that outside of acting, I’m a complete, total human,” Freeman said. I have other things going on.” 

Freeman stated that his studies at Troy University have aided him, despite the difference between the two fields that he studied. 

“I realized a lot of the language that I was using [at Troy], and a lot of the confidence that I had developed in that program, is shining in my everyday life,” Freeman said. “That only enhances my performance on camera.”

In addition to studying at Troy University, Freeman briefly studied at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. Though he did not stay for long, Freeman states that it was a “necessary part of the journey.”

“I learned that I’m nuts enough to move to New York,” Freeman said. “I kind of proved to myself that I was willing to go that mile, and that only helped me mentally be more committed to it.” 

Freeman’s studies have also enhanced the way he goes about his mission: to use his artistry and influence to enrich the lives of others.

Beyond the self-gratification and the fun, there has to be some greater purpose,’” Freeman said “I figured it would be cool to use my artistry, such as singing, dancing, acting and writing and so forth, to not only impact my life and enhance my experience, but to do so for the people who are connected to me.”

Freeman began his film career in 2018, starring in many student films and short films, and worked his way up to signing with an agency in 2020. Over the years, he says he has improved his craft with trial and error.

In addition to his mission, Freeman aims to be a role model to Black Americans who come from the same background as him. 

“It’s a responsibility that I don’t take lightly to give people from where I’m from, with my same skin color, yet another example of what can be accomplished and achieved beyond sports or comedy,” Freeman said.

“For them to be like ‘Ah! We also have the arts, we have someone who looks like us who’s entering that business, too,’” Freeman said. “It just makes it all the more possible.”

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