GEEK fest celebrates business school

Lilly Casolaro
Staff Writer

GEEK fest, a first-time free event hosted by Troy University’s Sorrell College of Business, features The Park Band, free food and a $500 giveaway.

“GEEKS,” a campaign for the college and the inspiration behind the event title, stands for globally aware; engaged with the business community; ethical decision makers; knowledgeable to compete; and successful, which serves as a motto for the college.

“The goal of the GEEKS campaign is to make our students aware of overarching strategic initiatives of the college,” Judson Edwards, the dean of the College of Business, said on a pamphlet for the college. “Our faculty and staff work everyday to instill these important traits represented by the GEEKS slogan into our students.

“In the end, it is my hope that our collective efforts in meaningful teaching, engaging, caring, and sharing will produce graduates with a strong foundation for successful careers and rewarding lives.”

Tara Morelock, development coordinator for the Sorrell College of Business and the Johnson Center, said GEEK fest allows students to be more aware of the college’s mission.

“GEEK Fest serves as an awareness event for current and future school of business students, as well as all Troy University students to understand the mission of GEEKS and the college,” said Morelock.

Elizabeth Finley, a graduate accounting student from Newnan, Georgia, a one of the planners for the event, said that she encourages all students to come out and enjoy the festivities.

“This is a chance to bring all organizations on campus together to participate in a great event while promoting the College of Business in a fun setting,” Finley said.

Organizations are encouraged to submit a candidate to participate in the Geek Walk contest. The organization with the best dressed “geek” will be awarded $500 based on judges decisions and audience applause and participation.

“It is a very student-focused event, and we want people to enjoy The Park Band while learning more about the Sorrell College of Business,” Morelock said.

Those in attendance will also be given GEEK glasses and are encouraged to take a selfie with the glasses. Students are asked to share their pictures on social media sites using #SorrellGeek and #TroyUGeek.


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