Get something for nothing on Facebook

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Oluwaseun Omotayo

Staff Writer

The Buy Nothing Troy Facebook group offers students and Troy residents  the chance to give and receive gifts with others in the community.

The Buy Nothing project started as the Buy Nothing Bainbridge intending to create small communities dedicated to sharing. The idea has grown to a worldwide network, and Troy, Alabama, is not left out. The project is utilizing social media to spread change by using Facebook as a tool for bringing people together, so they can help each other.

The group is building community through the act of gifting items, so buying and selling or asking for cash is not permitted.

“The monetary value of the item does not matter; it can be something worth a couple of dollars or something worth a couple hundred,” said Beth Hays, a Troy University alumnus who is a member of the group. “I actually asked if anyone had a TV laying around that they no longer needed for my child’s room and met someone the next day with a free TV.”

According to the official Buy Nothing website for Troy, the group gives “members a way to give and receive, share, lend, and express gratitude through a worldwide network of micro-local gift economies.” Members can give or ask depending on the situation. A member who wants to give has the option of picking anyone as the group does not run on a first-come basis.

Furthermore, members who are requesting have the option of borrowing or receiving permanently. This can be done by putting up a brief description of what is needed and how possession of the item will help.

“This page is important as it brings a sense of community and appreciation for one another,” Christian Lichenauer, another member of the group.

Autumn Baggett-Griggs who is currently the only admin of the group said that “the boundary line for the group is the city limits of Troy.” Buy Nothing Troy is specifically for people residing in Troy as a person is not allowed to be part of more than one page.

Different cities have different pages and it is advisable to join a group for the area where a person resides.

It is a private Facebook group, so one can only join after receiving an acceptance message from the admin. Members of the group must be 21 years old or older.

“This is to keep the population at a manageable amount,” said Autumn.

She is currently searching for people who are interested in becoming admins of the group. Also, the minimum age requirement will be reduced to accommodate students.

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