Getting help with major exploration

(Photo/Chassis Walker)

Brady Talbert

Staff Writer

Students who have yet to decide a major were greeted by 42 booths representing every major and minor the university offers at Wednesday’s Major Exploration Fair, held by Troy University Career Services. 

Rather than students roaming around the campus to explore each college, Career Services Coordinator Lauren Cole said the fair put every possible option under one roof.

“Instead of having to go to those departments, that’s what they can do here today — come in and talk to them,” Cole said. “We really targeted freshman and sophomores to come.”  

While the fall serves as an adjustment period for some, as they transition from high school to college, Cole said the spring semester is the ideal time to explore academic options. 

“Especially if you’re a brand-new freshman in the fall, it’s kind of overwhelming to feel like you got to make that decision right then,” she said. 

“You’re pretty much in general studies. You’re going to football games and all that. By spring, this is a good time to really start to focus on ‘What classes am I enjoying?’ By sophomore year, we really want you to find that major.” 

Derrick Johns is a freshman from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, who has not yet declared a major. At the fair, Johns said he had already talked to marketing and was about to visit the criminal justice and exercise science booths. 

“It really just opens up a lot of opportunities to talk to people, to find out routes one could go based on their personal interest,” Johns said. 

Students are advised to visit the Career Center in Eldridge 124 for guidance on potential majors or job options. Career Services said it has four career fairs planned for the remainder of the semester.

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