Girl talk with MISS Elite

Sarah Mountain

Staff Writer

The MISS Elite organization held a “girl talk” on Tuesday night as the group’s opening event for the fall 2020 semester at Troy. 

The organization, centered around the service and excellence of its members, put together the event to “help girls get acquainted to a new setting, especially since most of the girls who came are freshmen, so it was very important to reach them, as well as the upperclassmen,” said Lexi Locke, a junior sociology and legal studies major from Andalusia, Alabama.

Topics during the discussion included relationships, friendships, double standards for women, girl code and how to keep a positive outlook in all cases. The 90-minute forum was led by MISS Elite’s executive panel but allowed for group interaction and open discussion. 

“I feel that with the topics and subtopics we discussed, the girls really felt that they could come out of their shell and be comfortable with meeting new people and expressing their feelings about things they may be too scared to talk about,” Locke said. 

Locke described the environment of the group as a true family. 

“MISS Elite works tirelessly to let these girls know that they have people to rely on and can count on different people,” Locke said. 

“It’s so important for girls to have a support group in college because college can get lonely sometimes, especially freshman year when you’re learning the ropes and trying to figure things out. 

“Having that ‘girl gang’ really helps alleviate the feelings of loneliness and you also have people to back you up when you feel insecure about something.”

“Networking is one of the most important skills you’ll learn as a member,” said Gretil Sutton, a senior major from Valley, Alabama. 

“You never know who you’ll meet from your major or your field or how much they can help you.

“Our girls are excellent and elite in every way possible, most of all their character.”

While Sutton said the service opportunities for the group might look different this year framed by the pandemic, the group still plans on being active in the community to make a positive impact on others. 

According to the society’s social media accounts, past projects have included work with the Pike County Health Department, Troy Health and Rehabilitation and campus blood drives. 

Locke encouraged any interested students to follow the group at @misselitesociety on Instagram for opportunities to get involved with MISS Elite. 

MISS Elite will have interest meetings next week on Aug. 25 and Aug. 27 at 5:45 p.m. Check social media for the location.

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