GOP chief: politics vital to future


Valario Johnson

News Editor


Bill Armistead, Alabama’s Republican Party Chairman, addressed the College Republicans at Troy University, in which he stressed the bridge between the older and younger generation is growing shorter each day, as the country’s elders are retiring from political offices.

Armistead started an organization of College Republicans at his alma mater, Samford University, where he served as the chairman of the club.

He knows very well what it takes for a young person to get started in the political world and how to be successful in changing the lives of Americans for the better.

“This is about your future,” Armistead said.

“This is how you are going to get a job after college.”

Getting involved was one of Armistead’s main points, as he said that getting people more interested in who is getting elected is vital, especially to the current college generation.

College tuition is dependent on many things, but Armistead said that with an unhealthy economy, it will only get worse. However, he offered the students in attendance future probability.

He said that as the economy improves in Alabama, more money will be stocked for education. However, that money would be divided up between K-12 and two- and four-year colleges, and there is no telling what percentage of that money post-secondary education would be given.

With this theory in place, Armistead said that it is only possible with better organization and leadership.

“The Obama administration has done no good for America,” Armistead said.

“He is the worst thing that has happened, economically, to our country, at least in my lifetime. Obama is more about regulation, and we need an environment where businesses have more freedom from the executive administration.”

He described Obama’s management as being anti-business.

He continued by saying that the more people that get involved in the support of the Republican Party at all levels, the better.

“We all need to work together as a team,” he said.

Armistead firmly believes that his party can be more effective in finding jobs for college graduates because “Americans are more ready for jobs than ever.”

With the healthcare act lingering, Armistead said that jobs are being lost everywhere.

“There are just too many stipulations that are associated with this,” Armistead said.

“And with the various budget cuts in the healthcare system, the job opportunities for college students in this field are slimming each day.”

This is why Armistead encourages the help of the younger generation. He said that “there are Paul Ryans in this room who are ready to lead this country in the next direction,” and it starts by working for it now.

He offered advice: “Get involved in SGA. This gives you experience, so that you are ready for the future.”

By doing this, Armistead said that you begin to build your reputation.

In addition to hoping to work with SGA, Hunter Mills, a freshman political science major from Montgomery hopes that joining the College Republicans at Troy University will offer him experience for his future career as a politician.

“I think College Republicans in general gives us opportunities to be involved on political campaigns,” he said.

“It gives you a name and a platform that can only be built upon throughout the future. Most of all, it gives you contacts.”

In the near future, Mills will be running for the state Republican executive committee, which governs the Republican party of Alabama.

He appreciated Armistead for visiting with the College Republicans and admires him for sympathizing with the people, especially college students and graduates, who are experiencing financial struggles, and he understands the part he must play in improving the quality of life for Americans, as he plans to one day run for the US Senate.

“There are students who are running for offices and being elected all over Alabama,” Armistead.

“You are not too young for this.”

“Armistead gave students the process to get involved,” said Jonathon Steinman, a junior music education major from New Hope.

“He let us know that we are not just students at Troy University but students of the state. We are represented too.”

Of all the College Republicans Armistead has recently lectured to, he said that College Republicans at Troy University has been his largest audience.

He closed with imminent words: “In a few years, you are going to take over this country.”

With the new academic year, College Republicans also hosted their first meeting, where new business was discussed.

“We are going to try to work closer with Greek Life this year,” said Cole Lawson, chairman of College Republicans at Troy University and senior political science major from Smiths Station.

One liaison will represent each fraternity and sorority in the organization, if they choose to do so.

College Republicans meet on Mondays at 5:30pm.





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