Graduating with a degree, not a regret

Jane Morrell
Opinion Editor

It is time for spring registration here at Troy University, and for some, it will be a like a stroll through the park. For few others, it will be like a bad acid trip.

As I got my last college schedule approved this past Monday, I felt a wave of relief and triumph wash over me, which may have caused a slight leakage from my eyes. Who left these onions here?

Just one more semester, and that piece of paper, which proclaims to society that I am an acceptable journalist, is mine! After four or more grueling years, I am finally on the professional job market!

I cannot wait until I walk off that stage with that degree in my hands, but when I do, will I be taking with me some regrets, too?

Registration reminds me of one of those Facebook “Lookbacks,” or those Timehop posts. Every semester, when I have finished setting up a schedule, I am reminded of how far I have come and what all I have missed out on.

Oftentimes, I have asked myself if I’ve really “lived” the college experience. Looking back on it now, I see times when I wish I would have taken those classes that seemed like a lot of fun, such as archery, or gone to those Halloween parties dressed up in a crazy costume.

Then there are times that I have wished I could have done some things differently, like instead of watching Netflix, I could have studied more for a test. To an extreme extent, sometimes I have wished that I had changed my major.

As college students, we have to find the balance between the things that are fun and exciting and the extensive work and studying. I believe in being a hard-working and dutiful pupil, but if I had not set time aside for going on what I call “small adventures,” I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

If I had never snuck into a music class and pretended to be a one of the students, I would have never made one of the best friendships I have ever had. If I had never gone to Camp Trop in 2012, I would never be the opinion editor and learn what it was like to work for a paper.

I know this article sounds like a farewell column, but it is not. It’s a warning: don’t miss out on the adventures that college has to offer!

I know that Halloween is coming up. Get your homework out of the way, and then go find a party and have fun!

Is the party scene not for you? That’s OK! There happen to be a lot of haunted houses and hayrides, but even outside of the holidays, there are plenty of fun places in and around Troy.

If you have ever seen “Yes Man,” starring Jim Carrey, remember that sometimes jumping out of your comfort zone leads you to discover a whole new aspect of yourself. If you haven’t seen that movie, go watch it!

Don’t leave college with regrets. Take that camping class, spoil yourself with some Dolce pastries, study your socks off and dance the night away!

There is nothing worse than looking back and wishing for a do-over.

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