Grand jury clears officers in Troy police investigation

Emma Daniel

Staff Writer

After a local teen was seriously injured in an encounter with Troy police, a grand jury ruled that the four police officers involved in the incident will not face criminal charges.

Officers approached Ulysses Wilkerson, a 17-year-old Troy resident, just before midnight on Dec. 23 after they saw him walking behind a closed business in downtown Troy. The officers pursued him and, according to the Troy Police Department, saw Wilkerson reaching for his waistband as if for a weapon.

After Wilkerson’s arrest, which involved the use of physical force by police officers, he was hospitalized and left with brain and facial swelling and a cracked eye socket. He had surgery for his injuries.

The day after the incident, Troy Mayor Jason Reeves handed the case over to the Alabama State Bureau of Investigation.

A grand jury met in Pike County and decided not to indict the four officers involved. Circuit 4 District Attorney Michael Jackson and retired Tuscaloosa District Attorney Tommy Smith handled the case as special prosecutors.

“The grand jury determined they acted properly in their official capacity and no crime was committed,” Jackson told “If they had found differently, we would have gone forward with the case.”

The case garnered national attention after images of Wilkerson’s swollen and bloodied face made rounds on Facebook.

In a March 1 Facebook post, Angela Williams, Wilkerson’s mother, said she and their family would not stop looking for justice.

“Police brutality at its best,” she wrote. “I will make sure this will not happen to another child.”

According to WSFA 12 News, Jackson said Wilkerson has been charged with resisting arrest and obstruction, and the video pertaining to the incident will be released in the “near future.”

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