Greatest Sports Day

by: Caleb Odom

If you had one day of sports to enjoy to last an entire year, for me it has to be Thanksgiving Day.

Turkey Day is that perfect holiday for an American man, who loves to eat, be with family and watch precious football till your eyes are bloodshot and only more turkey will make you feel better.

There is just a special place in my heart for the day that it is guaranteed to watch the Detroit Lions lose at home and the Dallas Cowboys choke in the 4th quarter.

The magic of being able to watch NFL football while before you is plate of turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, corn, rolls and so on is unrivaled to me as a sports junkie.

The tradition on Thanksgiving of watching the Lions and the Cowboys play with my dad is something I look forward to everyday throughout the year.

Last year was shaping up to be yet another wonderful Thanksgiving until the football gods decided to give the sports world the blessing of Mark Sanchez and his glorious “Butt Fumble” that you literally have to see to believe.

The play that ESPN has paraded as its current “Worst of the Worst Champ” since back in November 2012 was when Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez plowed into his own lineman’s hindquarters, fumbling the ball.

New England safety Steve Gregory recovered the abandoned ball promptly taking it all the way for a touchdown in a game that the Patriots would eventually win 49-19.

But that is just one example why Thanksgiving is so near and dear to me.

Another thing that happened last Thanksgiving that made the day even more memorable was when Robert Griffin III put on a show against the Cowboys in the middle game.

The Redskins’ rookie quarterback completed 20 of 28 passes for 311 yards and four touchdowns with a pick in Washington’s 38-31 victory over Dallas at Jerry World to cap it all.

The Lions will play its 74th annual Thanksgiving game in Detroit this coming season, a tradition that dates back to the first game against the Chicago Bears which the Lions lost back in 1934, 19-16.

Maybe it is watching my uncle, who is a Cowboys fan, complain about a call against Dallas while my dad and I smile in delight at the same call.

Maybe it is just the relaxation aspect of enjoying games on a couch with grub.

Either way, Turkey Day will always be my sports day of choice.


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