“Green New Deal” proposal delusional

Sam Stroud

Staff Writer

There are rare moments in politics when both sides of a political spectrum can agree that something is stupid. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has given us one of those moments with her “Green New Deal” proposal. 

Other than presidential candidate Kamala Harris, who has already proven her inability to comprehend reality, everyone realizes the absurdity of this proposal.  

To summarize, Cortez states that she wants a “massive transformation of our society” and she’s not kidding around. Some of the plan’s best ideas include U.S. carbon emissions to be zero by the end of the next decade, getting rid of all nuclear power, and rebuilding or redesigning every last building in America to be more energy efficient. In addition, the plan also includes free healthcare and a living wage for everyone. 

The biggest drawback of these goals is the fact that they are impossible to achieve. There is legitimately no way that the United States could even come close to doing what this plan proposes. Stanford engineers have calculated that the economic cost of redesigning and sustaining a renewable power source to support every American is $14.6 trillion. That is almost 75 percent of the U.S. national gross domestic product. 

That leaves about 25 percent for everything else. Keep in mind public transportation, a living wage, free education and healthcare, things all promised by Cortez, have not even been addressed yet – not to mention any of the other institutions the United States funds currently, such as the military. 

It would be lunacy to actually take this proposal as it stands and try to fulfill it. If it were just that easy  to make the country clean, it would have been done. 

The idea that there are grown adults, much less a presidential candidate and two congressional representatives, who think this is something the United States should attempt is embarrassing. 

If Cortez keeps cranking out these brilliant pieces of legislation, we are bound to get a bill that outlaws crime some time soon. 

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