Higher Ed Day a success in SGA’s eyes

Devin Smith
Staff Writer
Tashema Alexander
Staff Writer

While students prepare for Spring Break next week the Student Government Association covered a few different topics and also commended the success of an SGA related event in the capital last week.
On Friday the SGA and Freshman Forum along with 2,000 other college students from across the state met at the Alabama State House to participate in the annual Higher Education Day rally.
Higher Education Day gives college students the opportunity to directly communicate with legislators and other policy makers in the state to help promote the importance of higher education.
Between the SGA and Freshman Forum Troy had large representation of the student body in attendance, which was something that Secretary Courtney Rushing felt made a huge impact.
“This has been the best Higher Education Day rally thus far,” Rushing said. “We had one of the largest groups in attendance compared to all of the other organizations.”
SGA president Cody Farrill had the chance to travel to the nation’s capital along with over 350 SGA presidents from colleges across the country to represent Troy while learning about the current Department of State.
A big part of this was the importance of continued non-profit housing on campuses including Troy, and  it was something that left Farrill confident about the future.
“It was a great opportunity to represent Troy University at our nation’s capital,” Farrill said. “I am looking forward to lobbying for non-profit housing.”
Much of the housing on Troy’s campus is non-profit, including all Greek housing and the Newman Center.
Voting on the Collegiate Housing and Restructuring Act for Troy’s campus will take place the week students return from break, and Farrill hopes to continue lobbying for it after the fact in hopes that it will help Troy’s housing market to continue growing.
Along with the voting two other issues were put on docket for the week following spring break.
The first was regarding a possible new campus organization called Campus Crusade, which is intended to be an on-campus Christian group for students.
The other was the possibility of a dance marathon to be held at Troy University. Dance Marathon is a nationwide movement involving both colleges and high schools to help raise money for a Children’s Miracle Network in or near the school’s community.
At this point the organization has raised over $62 million for the cause.
The SGA encourages all students to attend their meetings which take place every Wednesday at the Trojan Center in room 119 at 6:30 p.m.

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