Hollywood’s hottest celebs dress in black for noble cause

Pratibha Gautam

Staff Writer

Hollywood stars launched a tangible movement that addresses the needs of women worldwide.

During the 75th Golden Globe Awards broadcast live on Jan. 7, 2018, most attendees wore all black in solidarity with the Time’s Up movement working to bring to light and justice the harassment and gender bias in entertainment as well as other fields.

This was a powerful gesture which clearly conveyed the message that the time of silent suffering is, in fact, up.

For the longest time women have been subject to different types of harassment in their workplaces. Sexual misconduct against women is often ignored, yet remains a prevalent factor.

Women working blue-collar jobs are affected most by such behavior as they often lack proper channels and funds to legally confront their abusers. For many women working in maintenance, factories and farms, speaking up goes hand-in-hand with unemployment.

The Time’s Up movement plans to stand with and support women facing gender disparity in all fields of work.

It calls for an increase of women in positions of power and a better representation of non-white and non-cisgender women, who are at a greater disadvantage.

“No more silence. No more waiting. No more tolerance for discrimination, harassment or abuse. TIME’S UP,” reads the Time’s Up official website, which highlights its mission and its current activities, along with information about where one can get required help.

The Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund has been founded to provide subsidies for individuals taking legal action against sexual harassment or related retaliation at the workplace. This fund is housed and administered by the National Women’s Law Center, a nonprofit organization advocating for women’s rights.

The Center’s Legal Network for Gender Equity will work with lawyers and public relations professionals across United States to connect individuals seeking help with attorneys.

Women in entertainment, undoubtedly, have one of the best platforms to raise awareness and to drive this change.

Over the years, Hollywood stars have made tremendous contributions in societal reforms ranging from providing education opportunities to battling global hunger.

Celebrities getting involved in philanthropic work often inspire their fans to do the same, helping to create a more socially aware public.

It is ironic how women in Hollywood garner more respect and leverage over the public than female presidents, senators and policy makers.

These stars have now recognized their potential to foster change and have come together as one to battle a problem that concerns every one of them.

Wearing black to the Golden Globes was more than just a fashion statement; it was a symbol of solidarity. It was a well-delivered message.

Of course, like any other massive movement, this will face problems. And like any other celebrity-endorsed movement, all of its problems will be highly publicized.

Time’s Up will have to stand up to the inevitable challenges to make the extensive change that it wants to. It has already made platforms for people to start working on an issue that has been left unattended for too long. That, too, is commendable.

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