Homecoming connecting students

Whitney Cale

Staff Writer

Troy University is off to a great start in the 2016 football season, sporting a 4-1 record.

With Troy’s next matchup being its homecoming game, students are gearing up to take on the Georgia State Panthers on Saturday, Oct. 15, at 2:30 p.m.

As with usual tradition, the week prior to the homecoming game will consist of various events and activities taking place on campus.

Is homecoming worthy of an entire week of events, or is it just another football game?

“I definitely think there should be a full week of activities because it gives every student a chance to feel included,” said Symone Shaw, a senior hospitality, sport and tourism management major from Homewood.

Shaw, a member of the 2016 Homecoming Court, explained that students who have varying class schedules, work or have other commitments cannot always make an event on a specific day.

“I think homecoming is a way of really getting people to come together,” said Joley Dixon, a junior political science major from Graceville, Florida.

“It is important because it keeps school spirit up and reminds everyone of how special their school is.”

Not everyone shares this opinion, however.

“The football game itself is definitely worth all of the hype because they’re actually winning this year,” said Taylor Smith, an undeclared freshman from Montgomery.

“There shouldn’t be a whole week of activities dedicated to homecoming, though; that’s a bit over the top.”

Perhaps there is simply more advertisement this year, but it seems like homecoming, the week of events in particular, is a bigger deal than it has been in the past.

“I believe the idea of homecoming is getting bigger and bigger each year,” Shaw said. “There are so many different cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds added to the university each year, and that ultimately brings new aspects and new flavors to the celebration of homecoming.”

Homecoming is about much more than a simple football game. It’s about unity, school spirit and family.

“There’s just something about it being fall, football season and a week full of exciting events that makes it about a lot more than a simple football game,” Shaw said. “This is a time that truly embodies what it means to be a Troy Trojan and one family.”

While some people think homecoming is over-hyped, others think it is what could make or break a school.

“I work for admissions, so when I give tours or talk to future students, I always stress the family-like atmosphere at Troy, especially during homecoming week when we are celebrating our school,” Dixon said.

The homecoming game usually falls around the midway point of a football season.

Whether the team is playing exceptionally well or its play is mediocre, the school and classmates utilize homecoming as an opportunity to rally around the football team and boost school spirit.

For a losing team, this can turn things around for the remainder of the season. For a winning team, like our Troy Trojans, it can give them the adrenaline and support they need to finish strong.

I encourage everyone to come out to Veterans Memorial Stadium this Saturday as the Trojans look to improve their record to 5-1 on the year.

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