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Lilly Casolaro

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“Getting back to our roots”serves as the theme for Troy’s Homecoming week, October 4 -11. The foundation of this premise unites the academic, athletic, international, and military roots of Troy University and also integrates one’s own “roots”in the weekly festivities.

Heath Barton, a junior risk management insurance major from Opp and Student Government Association vice president of campus activities, said that his vision for the week is to emphasize Troy as a family and home for students.

“I came from a small town in which everyone knew everybody, but I have made Troy University my new home,”Barton said. “So that’s one of my main focuses to encourage freshman to understand that this is your home and remind sophomores, juniors, and seniors that this is home for them.”

There are many events for students to get involved in throughout the week.

To kick off the week, Arboretum Clean-up will be held from 9:30am to 12:30pm. Barton says he wants to focus on Troy’s outdoor beautification because a large emphasis has been placed on community efforts but a lack of attention has been geared toward Troy’s exterior landscape.

A canned food drive and can castle contest will also be held on Saturday from 2-4pm. Canned goods can be dropped off at the Trojan Center patio and will be donated to Troy Hospice.

Monday from 9am-4pm, in the bottom of Trojan Center, students will have the opportunity to participate in a guessing game of how many countries Troy represents. A prize will be offered to the student who gets the closest.

A fake tree will be erected in Trojan Dining Hall symbolizing central unity and family orientation, according to Barton. On Monday from 8am-5pm, students will be able to purchase leaves for $3 in front of the spiral staircase of Trojan Dining Hall. The Tree Ceremony will occur at 3pm in Trojan Dining Hall, where all the leaves purchased throughout the day will be attached. This ceremony illustrates the idea that Troy students come from different “roots,”but are all part of the same Troy family.

In the Trojan Center Ballrooms from 10am-5pm on Monday, there will be a blood drive open to anyone who is willing to donate.

Tuesday night, the dance competition will be held in Trojan Arena. Dances are supposed to focus on Troy’s military roots. The event begins at 7:30pm but doors open at 7pm and lasts until 9pm.

Previously held in Claudia Crosby Theater, the dance competition had limited audiences, around 300 people. Moving the event to Trojan Arena will allow for a larger audience, more than 3,000 people. More seating allows more involvement from all students, which is one of Barton’s focuses for the year.

The Palladium, the university’s yearbook, will be taking pictures of festivities throughout the day on Wednesday. Showing support for the volleyball team as they play the University of South Alabama on Wednesday night at 7pm is another way students can display their Trojan Warrior Spirit.

Throughout the day Thursday, SGA senators and Freshman Forum members will be seen passing out stickers on Bibb Graves Quad to encourage students to “spread the Trojan Love.”

Skit night from 7-9pm on Thursday will emphasize Troy’s athletic roots held in the Trojan Arena.

Douglas Dick, a freshman finance major from Panama City, Florida, is participating in his fraternity’s skit, and said it is important to show Trojan pride and give back to Troy.

“I think it’s really important to take pride in events like homecoming and for all Trojans to come together as one, Greek or not, because we are not just our letters,”Dick said. “It boils down to what we can add to Troy University and what we can ultimately give back especially since homecoming is such a prevalent philanthropy season.”

Tailgate for Troops will be held on Friday, Oct. 10, at Tailgate Terrace near the baseball field. The event will highlight Troy’s international roots as students get a taste of various dishes from international students from 3-5pm.

The Pep Rally, starting Friday at 6 pm in Trojan Arena, will feature various games and guest speakers.

Troy’s homecoming parade will start at 10 am on Saturday and will feature floats and banners from campus and Greek organizations. The parade will start at Sorority Hill and end at the Front Porch.

Trojan Walk will take place at 11:30am before the Homecoming game at 2pm against New Mexico State.

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