Homecoming queen election system to go through change


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Patrick Stephens
Staff Writer



The Troy University SGA is making changes as updates to the Title VII election laws were voted on at the SGA’s meeting this past Tuesday. Candidates for homecoming queen must now run on a platform approved by the executive board, and candidates running for a position must now have all promotional material color-coded by the color they are assigned when they declare their intent to run.
“After reading the changes, there were several points I wanted to highlight.  Color-coding candidates is a great idea in helping promote candidate recognition with the students and make elections much easier.  I also like that it helps define what is allowed for at-large senators.  The laws over all are a lot more detailed and specific and that’s awesome because it makes elections that are much easier on students and candidates,” Elizabeth Finley, chair of the constitutionality and rules committee and a senior accounting major from Newnan, Ga., said.
The senators and the students they spoke to are in favor of the changes.
“I have spoken to several sorority women about how they feel about these changes, and in my opinion as well as other’s opinions, this change is really good, because running on a platform will bring much more meaning to the position of homecoming queen.  The title won’t just be a face anymore but be that much more meaningful,” said Blake Crew, a junior human services major from Gardendale.
Before the motion went to a vote, Becca Lindsey, a senior elementary education major from Opelika said, “Other schools use this system and it works extremely well for them, and it helps them keep focus on what is important, so if it works for them, it should work for us.”
Other business conducted consisted of taking one constitution off of docket and placing two new constitutions on.  The constitution that came off docket to be voted on was for Gamma Sigma Iota, the risk management and insurance honor society.  The constitution passed without opposition.
The first organization that had its constitution placed on docket was for the Students for Social Justice.  The purpose is to help provide outreach for the secular community for Troy University.  The second constitution was the Students for Concealed Carry, which focuses on education and awareness of Second Amendment rights.  Both of these constitutions will remain on docket until January, when the SGA resumes business for the spring semester.
SGA meetings are held on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. in TC 119.

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