Homecoming theme announced

Grishma Rimal

Variety Editor


The Student Government Association announced the theme for this year’s homecoming on Wednesday

Aug. 27. With the objective of reconnecting with the history and heritage of the university, the theme

will be “Getting Back to our Roots: We are One.”

Homecoming director for 2014, William Johnson, a senior risk insurance management major from

Montgomery, said that the theme this year should help students relate back to the roots of the

university and also the organizations they are involved in.

“The idea was to kind of get everyone together,” he said. “Not just the Greeks, but everyone else too.

The biggest thing we are trying to achieve is the unification of students and more fair competition.”

“My big thing about the theme is the focus on Troy coming together as a family,” said SGA Vice

President of campus activities, Heath Barton, a junior risk management insurance major from Opp.

Barton said that since Troy hosts a diverse student population, this homecoming will strive to display

the many different walks of life people come from in addition to recognizing the military, athletic and

international connections Troy has had.

Barton said that this year’s activities provide all students a chance to participate without competing as

the real objective is for students to simply get involved and experience the fun of the event. “We have

made it very doable,” he said encouraging smaller campus organizations to participate and not to be

intimidated by the pressure of competition.

One of the changes in rules this year requires homecoming court nominees to run on a platform, one

different from their organization’s philanthropic efforts. The homecoming queen will be given prize

money to donate to the charity or the cause she runs on.

The homecoming competitions will be categorized into four divisions: all male, all female, co-ed and the

resident halls. The dance competition theme will be the military and America while the skit competition

will highlight athletics.

According to Barton, the athletic theme was chosen because most people associate athletics with

seriousness and intimidation and he hopes that the skit will bring out the lighter and fun side of things.

Another change in guidelines includes dance competition performers not being allowed to perform

stunts on stage. Any sort of flips or tumbles is discouraged for safety and liability reasons. The

competition will also be held in Trojan Arena instead of the Claudia Crosby Theater.

Tailgate for Troops will feature international cuisine from the different countries represented here on

campus, celebrating the largest international student population presence in Alabama. The service day

will focus on the university itself, with students working in the arboretum to refurbish it.

Homecoming applications are due on Monday, September 8 at 5 p.m. and homecoming queen

applications are due the day after at 4 p.m.

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