Hoopcoming incoming

Luke Brantley

Staff Writer

Troy University’s annual Hoopcoming event will be during the home basketball game against South Alabama on Feb. 28, and a Hoopcoming King will be elected by raising money in Trojan Center. 

The nominees for king come from a multitude of different organizations on campus; each group picks one nominee to be in the running for Hoopcoming King. 

Students vote for the nominees by placing donations in jars located in the Trojan Center. Whoever receives the most donations will be crowned king, and the donations will go toward the chosen nonprofit of the winner’s organization. 

Donations begin on Feb. 18 in Trojan Center and will continue for a week before a Hoopcoming King is decided.

There will also be a spirit stick award given to the organization which cheers the loudest at the game. 

Phil Cunningham, the head men’s basketball coach at Troy University, described the event as a sort of spring homecoming. Cunningham said he was hoping for a large student crowd at the event. 

“It’s always good to get a crowd in here,” Cunningham said. “The bigger the crowd, the more effect you have on the other team.” 

Cunningham also said a large student crowd gives the team some extra “juice.”

“There’s nothing like a student crowd because they bring a lot of energy,” Cunningham said. 

Meg Wardrup, a freshman elementary education major from Sardis, is a member of Freshman Forum and is in charge of planning this year’s event. 

“I’m excited just to experience it,” Wardrup said. “Planning it has been fun, but I’m looking forward to seeing people cheering and participating.” 

Taylor Johnson, a collaborative education major from Auburn who was in charge of planning last year’s homecoming, said the event was successful in raising over $1,000.

“It was an incredible event,” Johnson said. “It was a really good night, and we had a really good turnout.

“I’m really excited for Meg Wardrup and Freshman Forum because I know they’ll do a really good job.”

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