Housing plans for 2014-2015

Kaseri LaSuwaratana
Staff Writer

With a housing controversy only four months behind it, Troy University plans to move forward with the reconstruction of Alumni Hall.
Alumni Hall, which was built in 1966, has over 450 bed spaces and is the largest and most affordable dormitory for male students.
Troy University has decided to begin tearing down the dorm June 2014 and plans to complete the reconstruction of the dorm around the fall semester of 2015.
According to a statement from the housing department, the state-of-the-art dorm will be four stories high, have around 280 single-bed suites, 68 double occupancy suites and even 12 handicapped suites.
Also included will be class and meeting rooms, a convenience store, areas for a possible computer lab, laundry rooms and study rooms. The dorms construction will total around $15.6 million and include around $500,000 of technology installed.
Due to construction, 16 resident assistants will be cut with no promise of getting their job back once the project is finished, and the female population in Gardener will be

replaced with the displaced Alumni residents.
No longer a female dorm, Gardener will house male residents as a cheap alternative to more expensive housing choices.
Not all is a loss as off-campus housing is stepping in to offer housing during the mass exodus of dorm-less students.
Apartments and real estate agents around Troy have been offering deals for returning students, especially the groups of students wanting housing together.
With only 300 spaces available for all students returning, the process for applying to stay on campus will be even more complicated because a lot of the available spaces are reserved for Millennium scholars and incoming and current on-campus freshmen. Renewing the housing contract online is no longer an option. Paperwork can only be filled out in the housing office in Shackelford Hall Room 100 during set days.
According to an email sent out by the housing department March 1 is the deadline for entering freshman housing applicants. Between March 6 and 14 these freshmen will be assigned.
April 14-15 students with 30-59 hours will be assigned if space permits or wait-listed if it does not.
April 16-17 students with 60 or more hours will be assigned if space permits or wait-listed if it does not.
Sara Jo Burks, assistant director of housing and residence life, does give the option to be wait-listed.
“Students who cannot be housed will have the option to join a wait list and will be notified when space becomes available, although we estimate it will be late July before those determinations can be made,” Burks said.
The housing office can be reached by calling 334-670-3346, or via email at housing@troy.edu.

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