Humbled Hearts offers scholarships, leadership positions

Ayanna Williams

Staff Writer

Troy University’s chapter of the non-profit community service organization Humbled Hearts Inc. participates in lots of community service on and off-campus.

The university chapter was founded in 2019 and is advised by Dr. Dana Wilson.

Humbled Hearts is a service and wellness foundation and its motto is “It takes a humbled heart to serve.”

“What I enjoy the most about Humbled Hearts is how it is an open organization for anyone to join,” said Alexis Bayles, chapter president and senior exercise science major from Birmingham, Alabama.

“No certain race, GPA requirements, or anything is needed – but those with a humble heart.

“There are also very low
membership dues.”

Dues are only $5 per semester, which makes the organization even more “appealing” in Bayles’s opinion.

“I think it is unique and something needed for college campuses,” Bayles said.  “It’s a safe space.”

The organization has held several projects and events that consisted of a diaper drive, trunk-or-treat, toy drive, donations to NPHC plots, vision board parties, mental health seminars, game nights and volunteering with Save a Life Inc. of Troy.

Though there is no GPA requirement, Humbled Hearts is looking for members who have a sincere commitment to service and a humbled heart.

“I wanted to join Humbled Hearts because I love giving back to the community and that’s what this organization is about,” said Shagarian Lane, a junior criminal justice major from Montgomery, Alabama.

“I am looking forward to meeting new people, becoming a part of campus life, and helping people.”

Humbled Hearts is currently offering student athlete scholarships and there is a vice president position open.

“This group is always about helping people, and I love it,” said Madison Arnold, a junior broadcast journalism major from Mobile, Alabama.

“There is always something to be done and always someone to help.”

One can follow Humbled Hearts on Instagram at @humbledheartsoftroy to learn more.

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