IMPACT drives Trojan Pride as active orientation experience

Photo By: Kevin Glackmeyer/Troy University
Photo By: Kevin Glackmeyer/Troy University
2013 Impact Leaders

By Alyse Nelson

Staff Writer 


The 2013 IMPACT sessions gave the freshman class a headstart on college and offered sixteen upperclassman leadership experience and summer employment.

Cody Ash, an admissions counselor who helped with IMPACT this year, gave insight into Troy’s 2013 freshman class.  Ash said that there were around 200 more students in attendance compared to the 2012 sessions.

“I’m expecting a good Fall,” Ash said. “We had a lot of good students come in who are all of great caliber.”

Fourteen upperclassman were chosen as IMPACT leaders to guide freshman in a two day conference built on unity and Trojan pride according to

IMPACT leaders began training in early June for their role in the orientation.

Nyari Chanakira, a junior hospitality major from Harare, Zimbabwe, was one of the students chosen to become an IMPACT leader.

“I loved seeing the freshmen connect with the Trojan Spirit,” Chanakira said. “It was great seeing them come alive and get excited when we did the fight song.”

The incoming freshmen were split into small groups of 20-30 students lead by two IMPACT leaders.

Students were also given resources such as a catalog of classes and majors, a tour of the campus and were introduced to the department heads of his or her intended major.

Through games and a competitive team environment, incoming freshman were able to meet other students and engage in learning about the university.

Taylor Stuart, an incoming freshman nursing student from Donalsonville, Ga. said, “The best part about IMPACT was the games played at Camp Butter and Egg.”

At the end of each session, the two IMPACT leaders helped the members of their group register for the fall semester and advised students on which classes were best for their particular goals.

“IMPACT is a lot about becoming a servant leader. We are here to serve the new students and Troy,” said Chanakira.

Ash stated that interest sessions usually start in February for those who want to participate as IMPACT leaders.

Interviews will be conducted in March, and then the leaders will be chosen. The job comes with some benefits as well. “They stay here on campus and eat in Saga,” said Ash. “And they get a paycheck, of course.”

Taylor McGraw, junior from Macon, Ga., explained some of the process that IMPACT leaders go through before the sessions begin.

“There are two weeks of hard training,” said McGraw,“basically learning everything that you can about Troy.”

Chanakira agreed with McGraw.

“You become ready to answer any question a freshman could have,” Chanakira said, “as well as to share any personal experiences you’ve had at Troy that would help them.”

According to Ash, those interested in becoming an IMPACT leader or a student director can pick up an application from the admissions office in February.

Applicants will then go through a general interview process. Leaders are chosen and announced in March.


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