In good hands

Katie Miller

Views on our campus security here at Troy University seemed optimistic, as students informed me they generally felt secure on campus.

“I do feel safe in the dorm,” said Bronwyn Arnold, a freshman English education major from Millbrook. “It’s always locked. We have a key fob that is synced to whatever dorm we’re in so we can’t get in someone else’s dorm.

“There’s always someone at the little window, making sure that people come in and leave at the right times.”
Arnold notices the call boxes located near the quad and various other places around campus, and thinks safety is “pretty good.”

Because of these boxes, she feels safe walking at night.

Russ Brown, a freshman computer science major from Springville, said that he felt safe here on campus.

“The residential assistants really don’t have to try because most people in my dorm are fairly mundane; they don’t get in a lot of trouble,” Brown said. “They don’t bother me, they don’t bother the residential assistants.”

“It’s sort of a nice, homogeneous group,” he added.

In terms of the outside atmosphere, Brown feels safe even walking during the night.

“I prefer it, actually; it’s a lot more quiet,” he said.

Brown had a few suggestions as to how campus security could be improved.

“I would probably move the police station to the quad into the administrative building,” Brown said. “At night, possibly more security. People running around pretending to be little monsters like the Cardinal Creeper — it’s a little annoying.”

Anna Nawoschik had a different opinion on Troy’s safety precautions. “Walking around at night is always pretty sketchy, but there’s never been a particular incident that I’ve been particularly concerned about,” she said.

The dorms proved that they were safe as well, as Nawoschik noticed the resident assistants in her dorm, Newman, sitting in the desks located just inside the entrance.

She did, however, have certain ideas to enhance action taken to protect the campus.

“It would be nice if there were more lights around campus,” Nawoschik said. “At night, it gets pretty dark in some areas, especially out on the back quad.”

The University Police were mentioned several times throughout the day. As Nawoschik said, “it’s nice that there’s somebody around generally.”

Personally, as a freshman here at Troy University, I constantly feel safe and secure and I am assured within myself that I will constantly be taken care of. Walking at night is not a concern for me, any more than walking during the day, and, like Brown, I enjoy the peace and quiet that comes from our beautiful campus.

The people I have become acquainted with have expressed no concern about the security on campus, and the biggest issue within the school continues to be parking.

Even though I feel generally safe, I would prefer not to walk home at night alone for any reason.

The resident assistants in each hall performed all tasks necessary for keeping each resident within their dorm safe during the tornado that occurred on Aug. 7.

The University Police’s efforts to keep our campus safe are stellar. There is always an officer within sight, from what I have seen, and the emergency buttons are a reassurance that if an emergency ever did occur, I would receive help within minutes.

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