Independents are needed

Morgan Long


Morgan Long is a senior sports management major from Birmingham, Alabama, and is the  president of the Student Government Association and president of the Trojan Ambassador Association.

It is that time in the academic year where a vast amount of student leadership positions become available for the next generation of leaders. 

We have a culture of leadership on this campus and have greatly benefited from students who have risen to the occasion and served our university. 

I wanted to take a moment and encourage my fellow students to apply for these upcoming openings. 

Let me start with this – we have phenomenal Greek life here at Troy. They do a fantastic job raising tens of thousands of dollars for charities and are super involved in just about every campus organization. It is obvious Troy would not be Troy without our Greek system. 

However, when it comes time for student leadership, they are the only ones who apply or run for these positions. What is the point, or why does it matter, you may ask? My point is we have a majority of students on campus not being represented because of a lack of involvement from that demographic. 

Independents make up more than two-thirds of our campus, yet within the Student Government Association (SGA), less than a quarter are Independent students. From my observations, it is about three times as likely to see a Greek-student run for a position than their equally qualified counterpart who is non-Greek. 

As an Independent student myself, I understand the mindset that prohibits fellow Independents from putting yourself out in front of the student body with no large group behind you to “ensure support” of whatever endeavor you are applying for. 

By living in this mindset, all that is occurring is limiting yourself from obtaining positions that would greatly benefit from your skills. 

The myth of needing an organization behind you for support is only that, a myth. Instead of living in these self-made limitations, develop meaningful relationships with fellow students and rely on them as your support. 

These relationships will serve you throughout your life and will be your biggest blessings, not just in times of need but throughout each day. 

Now, as the spring semester progresses, a ton of clubs will be electing their next Executive Boards, the SGA is about to have the Executive and Senator elections, and the Trojan Ambassadors are about to release applications. 

What is holding you back from applying for these positions? It is possible that you fail, but it is also very possible that you succeed. However, if you do not put forth effort because of self-imposed limitations, success will never be found. 

I want to challenge all students reading this today if you are Greek, non-Greek, International or anything in-between, go outside of your comfort zone and serve our University in a leadership capacity. 

I have loved every second of my roles here at Troy and cannot wait to see the great things you do as the next generation of leaders on this campus.

Go Trojans!

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