Instagram-like app available for Greek students

Alyse Nelson
Staff Writer

A new app is gaining popularity as a social media platform developed exclusively for those involved in Greek life on campus.
Amanda Daher, a freshman broadcast journalism major from Niceville, Florida, is a campus representative for the app, which allows users to sign up as members of their chapter for their school and post photos.
“On something like Instagram, you don’t know who’s who and where they’re from unless you know them,” said Daher, a member of Alpha Gamma Delta. “On oneGreek, you can see who they are, where they’re from and what school—it’s a way to connect all Greek chapters.”
Daher first downloaded the app and began sharing it because she liked its features.
“I liked how I could discover other chapters in my sorority throughout the whole country instead of just hearing rumors,” she said. “I can see for myself what we’re doing as a sorority and how we’re thriving through group life. It was cool to see other social events that other Greek organizations are putting on as well.”
She eventually received an email asking if she would be interested in becoming an official campus representative to help the app continue to gain users.
“It is definitely something that’s growing exponentially,” Daher said. “It only started with a few users on campus to hundreds.
“Our job (as representatives) is to make people aware of this app and how awesome it is. In the next weeks we’ll be promoting it for every chapter.”
With thousands of downloads currently, and over 10,000 for Android users alone, oneGreek uses what Daher described as an “honor system” to allow members of sororities and fraternities to join.
First you verify your phone number and then enter an “.edu” email address to show that you go to a certain school. You then will select which chapter you are a part of at that school. After that, two existing users from that chapter must verify that you are a member.
Daher described the app as “more than Instagram.”
It is divided into tabs. One allows users to see just the photos posted by members of their own houses on campus. Another tab lets users see all of the organizations on their school’s campus, as well as those that are “trending” that week, as determined by likes.
The search function allows users to see what their sorority or fraternity is doing on other campuses, as well as the individual members across the country.
The app is still developing, taking suggestions from its campus representatives to make the improvements users want to see.
“The inventors of the app know me by name,” Daher said. “They know me because I have talked to them personally about improvements.”
“It’s just really a good way to represent what your chapter is about—what your message is, what your values are,” Daher said. “It’s not really focused on you; it’s what your chapter and your letters represent for you.”
The app, oneGreek, is available for both Apple and Android devices.

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