International enrollment on the rise as Troy University enrollment continues to fluctuate


Tobi Oluwagbemi
Staff Writer

In a previous edition of Tropolitan this semester, the Chancellor of
the University, Dr. Jack Hawkins stated that enrollment was fluctuating.
The question now is that is it increasing or decreasing?
Looking at the facts, it is actually increasing. Enrollment of both international students and U.S. students is actually increasing and there are many factors responsible for this.
Troy University is located in Alabama, a small state in the United States and therefore makes it a conducive learning environment for students who want a small learning environment that makes room for interactive learning.
Last year, the school received about 138 international students from different countries all over the world.
While this year the school received 235 international students from countries all over the world including Kenya, Malawi, China, Korea, South Africa, Nigeria and other countries.
The issue with international students who enroll is that it is getting more and more difficult to get visas.
The United States is taking precautionary measures to make sure that only the best brains enter and also that the students who enter the
United States based on F-1 visa go back to their country after they finish their education.
The international student population is growing in Troy University and this would encourage cultural interaction between students from all over the world.
The ratio of the population of United States students to international students is 6 to 1.
Most students do not come from international countries because they are denied visas.
Generally international students love the warm international community in Troy University.
An international freshman chose Troy University because she got a scholarship and also because of the small classes which is not available in her country.
Another U.S. freshman chose Troy because it was near to home, there was a scholarship and it had low tuition compared to other Universities in the United States.
There are many reasons why students choose where they will spend their years trying to get a degree but Troy still has one of the best teaching staff in the United States and so Troy is a good decision for any freshman.

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